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Text Giving

A free and very easy way to send funds to G4G.
Type in GEAR02 and then the amount in pounds (whole pounds) £1, £2 up to £10.
The only cost to you is the donation. So - GEAR02 £10 for a £10 donation (you don’t have to include the £ sign). Text to 70070.
Within 24 hours you’ll receive a text to confirm your donation has been successful. You’ll also receive a link that allows you to add Gift Aid. Complete on your Smart phone or paste the link into your browser and complete on your PC/tablet. Just follow the instructions.


If you'd rather send a cheque, please make it payable to 'Gearing Up 4 Gorillas' and send to
L. Nunn,
Chair G4G,
87 Chapel Farm Cottage,
Gussage St Andrew,
DT11 8DL

If you wish to send a cheque, please also consider completing and sending us the 'Gift Aid' form at the same time. This will enable G4G to claim an extra 0.28p for every pound you donate from the taxman, at no extra cost to yourself. That means £10 turns into £12.80 and £20 grows to £25.60!

Donate directly into the G4G account:

Alternatively, you can pay directly into the G4G account:

HSBC Bank plc (High Street, Ringwood, Hants)
Account name: Gearing Up 4 Gorillas
Account number: 01322869
Branch code: 40-38-21

Standing Orders:

For standing orders, please download and fill in the Standing Order form.

Other ways to support G4G

Graveney Gin

Graveney Gin is an Organic London dry gin - buy online.

Inspired by the pure love of gin and bringing 3 things that the distiller and owner Victoria is passionate about. So what's number 1 you ask? Each bottle has 7 organic botanicals, including Baobab, Angelica Root and Pink Grapefruit, all distilled by hand in a copper still in the heart of London - a vibrant place called Tooting Graveney (pronounced grave-knee if you wondered).

My second passion - each bottle you buy means that I can donate to the conservation and protection of gorillas and rangers, so I want to say “thanks and cheers!” And last but by no means least - have fun. Having fun is my motto and that's my approach to Graveney Gin. I hope you enjoy and can’t wait to hear your feedback. Thanks for the support.

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