Gearing Up 4 Gorillas' (G4G) is the only UK charity that focuses 100% on the conservation of the mountain gorilla in Virunga National Park, eastern DR Congo, through providing funds and equipment to the rangers whose job it is to protect them.

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Daily Ranger Patrol

Daily Ranger Patrol

Dec 22, 2015 | General | harryb

G4G is investing in the only people who can protect the mountain gorillas throughout the year on a daily basis.

Ranger Patrol – Target: £6,000 per year, per ranger

G4G is investing in the only people who can protect the mountain gorillas throughout the year on a daily basis.

If 2,016 gorilla fans are willing to donate just £2 per month throughout 2016, that would raise £48,384 – 100% funding for the 8 strong ranger patrol that protects the Mapuwa gorilla family in Virunga.

Ranger PatrolVirunga’s rangers protect the mountain gorillas at the sharp end. The daily patrol is a vital yet often dangerous job. G4G aims to invest in the ranger patrol that locates and monitors the Mapuwa gorilla family each and every day.

£6,000 ($9,125) per year per ranger is made up of his regular pay, a contribution towards the family’s health insurance, patrol rations, uniform, wet weather gear and basic equipment.

G4G is awaiting photos, names and details of the rangers protecting the Mapuwa family, to share with you.

Mapuwa gorilla family:

Mambo - The JokerG4G first met the Mapuwa family back in 2000 and particularly remembers a young cheeky chap called Mambo, which means ‘the joker’ in Swahili.

He was 4 years old at the time and his playful antics soon led to him being chosen as G4G’s icon gorilla – he certainly lived up to his name!

The family group is named after the silverback Mapuwa, Mambo’s father.

Mambo himself has recently turned into a silverback. These are exciting times as we see how he develops and matures……

The ranger patrol:

Ranger PatrolEarly each morning the patrol sets out to track where the Mapuwa group has moved on to from the day before. This helps to plot the movements of the gorilla family over time, and record where they stop to rest or eat. Once found, the rangers checks on each gorilla in the family to note behaviour, any interactions, whether they’re feeding OK or to pick up on any signs that an individual may be unwell or perhaps needs to be kept an eye on.  

Monitoring on the gorilla family is one of the primary tasks of the patrol but the rangers are constantly checking for snares, signs of unauthorised activity in the forest (militia, poachers) and noting other wildlife within the area (forest elephant, buffalo).

The patrol is usually out for many hours each day and covers a considerable number of miles up, down and through the forest.

Depending on where the gorilla family is found, the patrol may stay out overnight or longer before returning to base.

The patrol is based at Jomba ranger station, in the Mikeno gorilla sector. The gorilla sector is named after the towering Mikeno volcano that stands proudly in the centre and provides the lush forest habitat where the gorilla families live.


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